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A Child’s Understanding of Death

Kids certainly say the darnedest things. But what if your preschooler tells you she wants to kill someone? I was recently asked by a mother if she should be concerned that her four-year-old daughter said after a play date that she wanted to kill her playmate. The mother was surprised by such a shocking statement

Modelling Starts With an Honest Self-Awareness

An invaluable amount of what a child learns every day is through what parents inadvertently model in daily mundane moments. I am not talking about when you sit down with your 10-year-old to discuss the impact of cyber-bullying, or when you allocate special time to play phonics cards with your four-year-old or even the evening

How we interact with our children when emotions run hot is critical!

As parents, our initial—and perhaps instinctual—reaction to our children’s negative emotions is to get rid of them and replace them with positive ones. This may be due to numerous reasons, including our own childhood experiences, where we learned that negative feelings are a sign of weakness, or our deep desire to always see our children

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