About Our Clinic

Why us?

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose our Lambda Medical Clinic urgent care clinic as your primary location for healthcare needs:

Decisions and operations sustain and enhance patients’ dignity and welfare.

Relationships between staff and patients promote continuity of care and support patient self-care and wellness.

Clinic outreach efforts expand and support healthcare.

We recognize and appreciate each individual’s contributions to achieving the Clinic’s mission and to creating a rewarding and pleasant workplace.

Our Skills

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Emergency Department
Hospital Medicine
Aged Care

About Our Clinic

Lambda Medical Clinic offers you and your family a variety of services, whether it’s urgent care services or a quick check-up. Sickness and fever are easily overcome at our clinic with the help of trained physicians and medical assistants. Our walk-in clinic is open everyday with extended hours for a majority of your medical needs. We have Board Certified Physicians on site at all times, as well as experienced and compassionate nurses.

Our doctors

Benjamin Bentley Math Teacher

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Kathy Merabian

Brandon Reed CEO

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Amanda Hayes Director

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Donald Coleman Developer

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Shirley King Physical Education Teacher

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Shirley King Designer

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Kevin James CEO

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